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Cinderella Bridez Makeup &
Hair Certificate

The CB certificate program gives the beginner or even the artist that wants a refresher training the right set of skills and guidance to take their beauty business to the next level. If you ever had the desire to learn the art of makeup application or hairstyling without going to a full cosmetology program, this program may be right for you. You will leave this program mastering not only the art of beauty but also the specifics on being a successful entrepreneur. We pride ourselves on having no affiliation with a cosmetology school but giving you the skill sets needed to be successful in the freelance beauty world. Our certificate is awarded based on the skill sets and criteria taught that are exclusive to Cinderella Bridez. 


You never get a second chance to make a first impression. In this hands-on, 1 Day program, you will learn out to put your best foot forward every day or for those special events that require an added touch. Let’s face it, most of the time we are judged by how we look and we can’t have a personal stylist with us at all times. You may have achieved the success in so many areas of your life but maybe your look is not reflective of that. We will work with you in this customized training by reviewing your tools and makeup, teaching you 2-3 looks that you can use repeatedly and give you the basics skills needed to “Look Classy and Glamourous” at the same time.

Skin Care 101

Most of you have not been taught how to care for your skin or event what are the right products to use based on your skin type. With so many products on the market, very few have managed to select the right combination that work and also prevent and slow down the aging process. In this 1 hour class, we give you personalized attention by examining your skin under a Blue Light Technology. We identify skin care concerns unique to you from congestion, poor circulation, clogged pores and then we create a step by step regiment that is perfect for you. All while teaching you the proper use and handling of your skin and your skin care products. (This service is complimentary with all Bridal Makeup Trials)