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FIT Bridez

Our mission at FIT Bridez is simple: to make you look your absolute best for your very special day, whether it's a few weeks or even months away. Our plans include strategic weight loss workout techniques, along with muscle toning exercises and all natural health supplements to help attain optimal health and beauty.

get fit

90 days to a new you!
Let us help you get “Fit” to walk down the Aisle

"Flower arrangements, beautiful white dresses, exchanging rings, the magic of spending your life with your one true love. Now when you think of weddings are those some of the thing that come to mind? What about, walking down that aisle knowing that everyone is looking at a beautiful woman whose dress fits her perfectly. This is our mission at FIT BRIDEZ, to make sure that you look better than you ever will. With our all natural health supplements that are guaranteed to produce astonishing results, nutrition coaches and personal training that will help speed up results. We give our best so you can look your best on a day to always remember." 

The plans are in 30 day segments and depend on how much weight you need to lose. If you need to lose less than 10 lbs a 30 day plan will beautifully suit your needs, if you have closer to 20 lbs to shed before slipping into your gown then a 60 day plan is best, if nearly 30 lbs needs to go the 90 day plan will be your best friend to get you fabulous. The Fit Bridez plan will help you lose weight effectively through supplementation while toning your body perfectly, this is not a fad diet or gimmick this is real nutrition and efficient exercise.

For More Information, please refer to a Cinderella Bridez Consultant. They will pair you with a Fitness Coach in your Area.


Janine Michaels is devoted to helping you achieve your goals and vibrant sense of well-being you desire. Innovative methods that keep you excited about working out and nutritious meal plans that are satisfying and easy to prepare are at the foundation of the rewarding lifestyle she values and teaches.

Janine grew up in Hawaii and currently resides with her family in Glen Ridge, NJ. She has over 10 years of personal training and nutrition experience. She obtained her Professional Certification from NPIT in Lyndhurst, NJ. Janine's diverse background with Personal Training, Bootcamps, group fitness, TRX and Kettlebell training methods all contribute to her addictive classes and lifestyle.

Janine provides professional, certified fitness programs designed to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. She works with each client to custom design an exercise plan that reflects their short and long-term goals. Visit her website to see which plan best suits your ambitions and lifestyle.