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Student Testimonials

The CB Beauty train was amazing. They were professional, knowledgeable, and so helpful to the students. I learned everything from contouring, eyebrow shaping, eye shadow application, color correcting, tattoo coverage, to skin care. Each session was packed with information and time to practice and enhance your skills. Their one-on-one interaction with students left me feeling comfortable and confident. They gave constructive criticism while making us feel good about our work. Thank you CB Beauty for the amazing makeup class!
— Claudia R, Queens, NY
The Cinderella Bridez training was amazing! I loved having the hands on training and the one on one with the professional makeup artist to critique my work. Before I started the class I wasn’t confident to makeup someone else’s face, but now with the training I feel confident and look to get the practice I need with friends and family. The trainers were awesome! Very helpful, knowledgeable, caring and always willing to help. I would recommend this class to beginners and also to others who are experienced but need to learn more about all types of makeup application. I’m happy to go out and grow my business as a makeup artist! Thank you Cinderella Bridez!
— Niurca, Hackensack, NJ
Cinderella Bridez training was excellent! It was very detailed with a lot of hands on training. CB training is a great way to learn makeup artistry without the burden of expensive schooling.
— Juanita, Belleville, NJ
The Cinderella Bridez Pro Training course gave me the confidence and skills I needed to start my career as a professional makeup artist. The hands-on teaching method; professional team of celebrity and master artists; and the amount of information covered is like no other school or curriculum I have ever come across—it was totally worth driving from Maryland just for the course! I learned everything I had always wanted to learn about, such as skin care; looks for different skin types, skin tones; how to do natural to glam eyes, eyebrows, foundation, highlighting and contouring, blush, lips, and even how to run your own business. I highly recommend Cinderella Bridez for any beginners and advanced artists.
— Amola, Frederick, MD
The Cinderella Bridez intensive class provides an opportunity for all makeup artist whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advance artist to learn the basic and the latest techniques of makeup application. The best and most educational aspect of the class is the feedback provided during the practice time by Cinderella Bridez Master Trainers. There is also a lot of time to practice and a photo shoot! I would definitely recommend taking the class, the investment in yourself and your business deserves it.
— Laura, Netcong, NJ
I have sat in on multiple beauty courses in the past few months trying to choose which educational avenue I would take the most from. When Cinderella Bridez owner and founder, Bhargavi Arrunategui, sat with me to go over the course outline and expectations of her Intensive course, I felt at ease and overjoyed immediately. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced artist, the level of personalization and feedback throughout the course is something that will stay with you. The course goes in depth of all the aspects in the latest most advanced techniques of makeup application. There is also plenty of time for practice during the course as well as a photo shoot where they taught us how to properly photograph our clients. All and all after taking the CB intensive 1 DAY course, I am beyond confident in the education I received and would recommend this course time and time again to anyone who is looking to invest in themselves as well as their business.
— Brittany, Long Island, NY