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Cinderella Bridez Team

Winter is fast approaching and let’s face it – it doesn't agree with our skin. Cold temperatures, dry air and harsh winds sap our skin of its natural oils and leave it dry and stressed.

Though it's not only the weather that can harm our skin, there are various other factors too – changes in the daily routine, eating fat and sugar in large amounts, stress – can cause an occasional breakout, tightness and not to mention, dullness.

But fret not. You can reduce these effects by taking a few precautions in your daily skin care routine.

·        CHANGE YOUR ROUTINE. It goes without saying that your routine for the summer days won't work for the winter days as well. In the winter, your skin is going to need more moisture than the usual, so it's better to use cream instead of the lotion that you use in the summers.

·        CHOOSING YOUR CLEANSER. Cleansers are known to strip your skin of the natural oils and to dry it out and to lead to more visible lines and wrinkles. So, it's best to choose your cleanser correctly after doing a thorough research.

·        EXFOLIATE. It is recommended to exfoliate your skin as exfoliating brings back that youthful glow to your skin that often gets lost during the winter months.

·        PROTECTION. Though the winters appear to be less sunny than the summers, keep in mind that the harmful UV rays are still out there. It is recommended to use a sunscreen containing zinc oxide to protect your skin; and of course, not to forget wearing protective hats and clothing.

·        SHORTENING THE SHOWERS. Even though hot water feels great in the winters, it saps the skin of its natural oils. It is best to limit your long and hot shower and baths to once or twice a week and to choose lukewarm the other times.

Also, it is advised to apply moisturizer on the skin immediately after patting it dry.

·        EATING RIGHT. It is recommended to avoid simple sugars as well as carbohydrates that are known to stimulate reactions in the skin and which in turn can lead to breakouts. Avoid these during in daily routine, and you will see a substantial change in your skin.

·        WEARING GLOVES. It is our hands which suffer the most during the winters as we wash them more than usual I order to avoid the germs that can cause infections. It is best to take moisturizer with you daily and apply it regularly along with wearing gloves to protect the skin on your hands so as to protect them from the harsh winter weather.

·        USING A HUMIDIFIER. It goes without saying that air dries out as the winter comes. The dryer the air, the more it steals the skin's moisture.

If by any chance you live in a dry climate, then, it's better to use a humidifier, particularly in your bedroom at night.

·        REJUVENATION. A superb time to provide your skin with more nutrients is during the winter months so that it can withstand the stress of the winters.

·        TRYING A SUGAR SCRUB ON THE LIPS. Chapped lips are the bane of the winters. You want to get rid of dry and flaky skin? Then why not try a homemade sugar scrub?

To make a homemade sugar scrub, you only need to mix in some regular sugar with some jojoba, coconut oil and then rub it gently on the lips once a day. You can also add in honey for healing properties and then follow up with a nourishing lip balm.