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Let's Talk About Yoga + Benefits


Let's Talk About Yoga + Benefits

Bhargavi Arrunategui


The Art
of Yoga

Yoga is a great form of exericse that not only helps physically, but mentally. 

Here are five poses that everyone can do no matter the skill level. 
Yoga has been proven to have multiple benefits. Here are a few:
1. Helps Tone Body
2. Increase Flexibility 
3. Improves Respiration
4. Weight Reduction
5.Protection from Injury 

American Osteopathic Association 
|Mountain pose is great for that all around stretch and tone. A classic and a favorite of many yogis, this move starts in mountain pose (arms to the side) then slowly reaches it way up to the sky. This allows for a deep stretch and focuses on the mind. |

| Tree is a pose all about clarity, focus, and balance. Here is a great beginners pose to really tune in on your breathing while focusing on carrying the weight of your body on one foot. |

|Triangle is a wonderful standing or sitting posture that allows for your lungs to open up. Adding the correct breathing opens up your lungs for a deep inhale. |
|Cobra pose is invigorating and exciting. Ever yoga pose focuses on breathing which helps make the pose even more effective. We really are stretching the abdomen allowing our rib cage to open up (better breathing). Follow up this pose with the next one below (Child's Pose).| 

|Child's pose is an amazing for when you need a break from other poses or mental relief. It's elongated stretch is felt all through the upper body. This pose is great to have in your
back pocket. |


Photos by Katee Lue on Unsplash

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