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Do These 10 Things Every Night... Before Bed!


Do These 10 Things Every Night... Before Bed!

Cinderella Bridez Team

  1. Drink Water- Never go to bed without drinking a full 8 ounces of water. During sleep (your recovery time) water flushes out the toxins, helps to reduce puffiness under the eyes and keeps your skin hydrated. 
  2. Take OFF Your Makeup- NEVER EVER, sleep with your makeup on. It increases chances for clogged pores and break outs which down the road may lead to scarring. As you go through your day, your skin collects bacteria on the face, if you sleep with your makeup, that now is on your pillow creating a cycle. Your skin also ages more quickly if you sleep with makeup on. So point being? WASH your face! I like using a creamy foaming cleanser that helps remove makeup as well. One of my favorites is the ARTISTRY Youth Xtend foaming Cleanser. 
  3. Use a Toner- You go to the great lengths to cleanse but toner is so important and left over oil, dirt or residue left on your skin. It also close the pores and help to prep the skin to recieve skin care.
  4. Boost Collagen With Vitamin A- As you get older, your skin makes less collagen, which helps keep your skin firm. "If you never stopped making collagen and never damaged collagen, you would never get a wrinkle, your pores would stay small, you'd never get a scar, and your skin would stay nice and tight," Ginn says. "Collagen is key." To stimulate collagen production, which will help smooth fine lines and reduce the appearance of pores, Ginn recommends applying vitamin A in the form of either a prescription or over-the-counter retinoid every night. As a bonus, retinoids can help lighten brown spots. Cite: WebMD Nightime Beauty tips
  5. Use a good Eye Cream- The skin under your eyes is very thin. There is also no blood flow or circulation which leads to the darkness under the eye area. You should be applying an eye cream that contains Vitamins A, C, E, or K which help repair the skin and slow down the aging process. The cream will also increase blood flow and reduce bags under your eyes. Also with wedding planning, increase of stress and lack of sleep boosting up your skin regimen is going to be super important. 
  6. Moisturize- Whether or not you have oily skin, everyone should select and use the right nightime moisturizer. This is your chance to boost your skin with essential anti-aging vitamins. The body repairs itself while you sleep, and so does the skin so make sure you make it a point to put the right stuff on. Remember, it's the long term habits that will create the long term results for you.
  7. Brush Your Teeth- Waking up with yesterdays meal is not only disgusting but it also takes a toll on your teeth. These are the only ones ou are going to have for the rest of your life, treat them well. Use a good electronic toothbrush that has a built in timer or set one for yourself and give that grin a chance to become "pearly white" your photographer will thank you! 
  8. Treat Your Hair- Go ahead, take a few minutes and apply your hair oils, serums or leave in treatment conditioners. As we age, we tend to lose more and more hair. Why not slow down that process by treating your scalp with some added nutrients and vitamins to help fight off that hair loss? My favorite? Satinique Scalp Serum, which helps to save over 1800 strands of hair per month.
  9. Treat Your Feet- Slather on a lotion that has at least 12% lactic acid which helps to slough off dead skin. Then apply something heavier on top that contains shea butter or glycerin in it. Put on some socks and wake up to softer smoother toes and feet.
  10. Give Thanks- Happy people are the prettiest. Take a few minutes before you fall asleep to reflect on your day and think about all that you are so grateful for. Happy thoughts lead to a good mood and spirit in the morning.