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Shobin & Becky


Shobin & Becky

Bhargavi Arrunategui

Inside Look into a True (Cinderella) Love Story


How We Met

In 2009, Facebook came out with the Uno game where we could play against friends on Facebook. Shobin and I had a mutual friend who invited us into a game with other people and we started off our friendship trash talking each other on who would win. He added me on Facebook and kept trash talking about uno and that was that. We ended up meeting each other in person at the 2010 Knanaya Convention in Dallas and spent last two days together with our mutual friends. He got my number and then started the millions of phone calls/messages/video sessions, etc which all led to today! :)


How He Proposed

So my sister, Neema, and I had an appointment in NYC the Wednesday before the proposal. They told Neema they “accidentally overbooked” her appointment, and asked if she could come in Saturday at 12. It was also my friend Jerry’s birthday on Saturday, and he had planned to go to a rooftop lounge at 4 near Central Park. Neema said that we can go to the city for the appointment and have a “sister day” until Jerry’s party. (Little did I know all of this was fake)
At the appointment, the receptionist was apologizing that my sister had to come twice so she gave us 2 vouchers for a free drink at Tavern on The Green in Central Park as an apology. (Neema made this from scratch, it was actually fake!) So Neema and I went there and ordered drinks and hung out for a while.
Neema goes to the bathroom and we’re about to go lay on the grass in Central Park until she tells me lost her phone! I’m getting so mad because I just got the 7plus for her 3 weeks ago! Neema’s calling her phone and someone picks up saying they have it and to meet up across Bow Bridge at a deck. (Turns out while Neema went to the “bathroom” she gave the phone to my friend Chinnu and she walked to where the proposal was going to be. I even checked Find My iPhone and it proved it was on the other side of the park!). So I’m yelling at Neema the whole time on the walk over trying to find this phone and but I completely walked past the deck and Neema yells Becky! I turn around and see the little deck all decorated with all of our pictures/memories/letters over the past 6 years and I see Shobin come out from behind a rock. I had NO idea he was going to be in town at all.
We walk over to the deck and I see Shobin’s niece with a shirt on that says “My Kunjacha (uncle) has something to ask you” and then we walked through each station of memories.
At the end he gives me the necklace that I lost 3 years ago that has both of our birthstones in a heart, tells me to turn around, and I see ALL of our friends and family holding up the sign saying “Will you marry me?”…and I said yes :)


Congrats to this beautiful couple.

Thank you for sharing your amazing story with the Cinderella Bridez community.

The CB team wishes Shobin & Becky a wonderful life together!