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Michael & Ivy


Michael & Ivy

Bhargavi Arrunategui

Inside Look into a True (Cinderella) Love Story


How we met

"Michael and I met on the first day of our new jobs right out of college. We were both New York City Teaching Fellows placed in the same middle school for our Spring Apprenticeship.  Perhaps by sheer luck, our classrooms were right down the hall from each other and we would often pass each other on the way to the copy machine, or during dismissal. There were only five Fellows from Staten Island so we became all pretty close during our daily routines, and especially on our way to and from Manhattan for our classes.  Towards the end of our Apprenticeship, Michael began taking the ferry home with me after class and we quickly found out how much we had in common. From bonding over our tight-knit families, love for food, our similar taste in music, and the fact that we both didn't’t have our drivers’ licenses yet, Michael and I quickly realized there was more to our friendship.  We started officially dating that summer and everything else fell into place. In each other we found our foodie partners in crime, our support systems for some of the hardest years of our lives, and became life long best friends".

How He Proposed

"During the summer of 2015, Michael and I planned a trip to Woodstock, New York. We rented a quaint cabin in the woods and spent a few days exploring the small town. One day, Michael planned a boat ride for us. We started out the day shopping in Saugerties, eating our way through small cafes, and finally setting sail on the river. He was so calm and I had no clue what was about to happen! We were the only passengers on the boat and the captain had laid out a picnic on the hull of the boat. Just as the sun began to set in the distance, the captain started playing Moon River, which was our song, over the speaker and it immediately clicked! Michael asked me to marry him and I said yes!"


Congrats to this beautiful couple.

Thank you for sharing your amazing story with the Cinderella Bridez community.

The CB team wishes Michael & Ivy a wonderful life together!

Behind The Scene Magic Makers

Flowers: Clark’s House of Flowers

Venue: Nicotra’s Ballroom Staten Island 

Videography and Photography: GEORGE STREET PHOTO